Hyperwrt + tofu12 WRT54G firmware

Szinte alig pár órás hír, tölthető a Hyperwrt2.1b + tofu12 fw, vegyétek,vigyétek! A tofu hivatalos site-ja pedig itt! (changelog beljebb)

  • Fixed PPTP/L2TP address used for DDNS.
  • Use of Dnsmasq for DNS in DHCP can now be disabled.
  • Use of ISP served DNS (from DHCP/PPPoE) along with static DNS can now be disabled.
  • DHCP client: Fixed a problem with udhcpc not closing sockets in some cases. Fixed a problem with the DHCP release button not working. udhcpc is now automatically restarted if it crashes. Thanks to koitsu for hunting the bugs down!
  • Time: Automatic NTP updates can now be disabled. Time is now updated even if WAN protocol set to disabled.
  • iptables: Missing SNAT iptables extension added. iptables_targets no longer display the standard and error targets which show up as a blank line and the word ERROR.
  • Site survey: Now works even without xmlhttp. Controls simplified.
  • Fixed a memory leak when viewing the status page.