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A cikksorozat olyan témákat ölel fel mint VPN (Virtuális Magánhálózatok), VoWLAN (Hangátvitel vezetéknélküli hálózatokon), Access Point választás-konfigurálás, Linuxal kapcsolatos beállítások...a cikkek a következő linken olvashatók:
Build and Secure a WLAN

A részletes lista (angolul):

# OpenVPN Locks Down the WLAN
Why worry about WEP, WPA, or PPTP when OpenVPN provides free, open, SSL-powered security for your wireless network? Here's how to set it up and connect a Windows client.

# Choices, Choices: What Do You Need in a WAP?
In the wireless world, the future is arriving daily. Should you go with 802.11a? Do you need fat APs or will thin ones do? What about WiMax? And are you prepping for VoWLAN? There's nothing easy about making these decisions, but our birds-eye guide will help clear up the confusion.

# Build A Linux-Based Wireless Access Point
Part One: With a little time and effort, you can build a Linux-based wireless access point that provides the features of high-end WAPs with less expense. This week we take a look at your shopping list.

# Build A Linux-Based Wireless Access Point (Part 2)
Last installment, we took a look at the best parts for assembling a Linux-based WAP. This week we take you through configuration on both Debian- and Red Hat-based distributions.

# Securing the WLAN: Are the Alphabet Standards Finally Soup?
If you've been watching Wi-Fi security standards come and go, you know the move to secure wireless networking has been a slow and confusing crawl. Here's how to make sense of where we're at, and what the newly ratified 802.11i does for your WLAN.

# VoWLAN: The Wireless Voice Future is Here ... Almost
VoWLAN might be the chocolate and peanut butter of networking, but the convergence of VoIP and wireless freedom has its share of snags. Here's what you need to know.

# An Idea for Hunting Down Rogue WAPs
If you're concerned about users introducing unsecured wireless points of entry into your network, our mailbag might help point you toward how to button things down. Also: Linksys brings RADIUS protection to its wireless gear.

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