Wireless summit

Our community was invited to join the CUWiN Wireless Summit in St. Louis, Missouri. Time was very short (as it is usually when you're in good company :) but let me give you a quick summary of the event.

The Wireless Summit has been held the second time by the CUWiN group. The goal of the conference was to bring those people together, who use wireless technologies, but from different aspects (the technology geeks with community enthusiast, the WISPs with the users, and so on). The first day of the conference was the pre-summit day(I unfortunately missed this one, but intelligence states, that early-coming people were havig quite interesting chat with each other)

The second day we've had the plenaries, which were quite interesting, and well organized. There were three, about 2 hour blocks, and all the blocks have been dealing with different topics. One could attend to a technology-related plenary, and a community related in the next timeframe. Unfortunately, one couldn't visit all of them at one time :) I've been attending to the international and the advanced technology plenary, and there were very interesting speeches, and very interesting guys from around the world. After the events, there was a Saturday night social, which i almost missed, because of my constant jetlag, but i've made it for the dinner, which was quite pleasant.

Sunday was mostly a summary of the events happened on Saturday, which i also had to miss because of my plane :( but i have all your e-mail addresses guys, we'll keep in touch.

At the end, i'd like to say another big THANK YOU here for Sascha and Ross and the other guys who made this possible.

Expect some photos in the Gallery as soon as i find someone with a scanner :)