tofu10 - wrt54g

Ma reggeltől elérhető a tofu10, egy hyperwrt2.1b1 fw modifikáció.
Sok kisebb hibajavítást, módosítást tartalmaz, illetve már a hivatalos linksys 4.30.1 (GL) code base az alapja.

Letölthető innen! itt pedig a hozzá kapcsolódó fórum

a hivatalos changelog:

* Linksys 4.30.1 (GL) code base. Nothing really new here, just nice to have a new version number. :)
* Downgraded iptables to 1.2.11 from 1.3.3 since it was causing problems with UPnP. u32 and CLASSIFY added.
* Fixed a problem with QoS auto mode not working. The estimated bandwidth is now fed back into the web page so the user can see it. And a warning is now shown if the end device about to be profiled is on a private address (the modem for example).
* In Client Mode, clone mac now sets the wireless interface.
* DHCP server now acts as the authoritative server. An initial request for an unknown or stale IP address is now denied.
* UPnP page added. It lists current mappings and allows you to delete them. Also added is an option to always clear UPnP entries at startup.
* Messed around with UPnP code. The router now identifies itself as "Linksys WRT54G/GL (" which should be visible in Windows' My Network Place. This can be disabled from the UPnP page.
* Factory defaults page now also has an option to clear the entire nvram.
* Changed backup/restore page. The file naming has been changed to include a config version and a checksum of the router's mac. A warning is given when restoring from a file whose filename doesn't match this name. Also fixed a small leak in backup.
* Changed upgrade page... It looks nicer. :)
* Added an option for enabling Spanning-Tree Protocol which is used to prevent loops if there are multiple paths in a network.
* Fixed some issues with NAS which may have caused problems with WPA/WPA2.
* Fixed a problem with WEP and index > 0.
* Enabled channel 14.
* WDS interfaces are now shown in Device List.
* Fixed ifconfig chopping off last character of WDS name.
* Added an option to run telnetd at startup. Also added is an option to reject wireless access to shell.
* When a wireless computer is not allowed to access the admin page, the connection is now just closed silently.
* Site survey page added (finished). You need a browser that supports XMLHTTP like Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.
* And a lot of mini changes I no longer remember...