About us

What you should know!

  • What is HuWiCo?
     HuWiCo is the short name for Hungarian Wireless Community. The HuWiCo
    is a non-profit association registered in Budapest, Hungary. Our goal is to
    promote and spread the wireless technology countrywide, and to create and
    maintain a 802.11 (b and g) based wireless network.
  • Does HuWiCo act only in Budapest?
     The answer is definately no. Although most of our members live in Budapest we would
    like to create nodes all around Hungary as well.
  • What does this cost?
     For you it's free. All HuWiCo nodes are free for use.
    Donations are welcome.
  • How can I get in touch with HuWiCo?
     You can contact by:
    • e-mail:
    • IRC: irc://
    • We also have mailing list (in hungarian):